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A full branding package

A newly formed company came to us needing to secure the support of investors and other key stakeholders, not to mention potential clients. We started with just a logo as a test project, and once that was developed, the project was expanded to include other supporting materials including a website, business cards, brochures, presentations, and infographics. A local printing company was collaborated with to provide high quality finished products.

Because this client wanted to be able to update reports, presentations, and quotes on their own for fast turn around or frequent changes, templates were made in Microsoft Office and PowerPoint. Staff could use tools they were already familiar with to create materials that were consistent with the established brand guidelines.

Project Summary

  • Project length: 6 months
  • Project cost: $5000
  • Deliverables:
    • Logo with several variants for multiple media and uses
    • Website with custom theme and responsive layout
    • Business cards with special finishes
    • Printed multi-page brochure
    • Customized Word templates for quotes and correspondence
    • Customized PowerPoint template for slide decks
    • Print-ready PDF files of materials

Close-up Look

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