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If you are trying to win new business or wow investors, you need to have a strong brand to present. A huge part of that brand is your logo. Neither your brand nor your logo is something that you can afford to skimp on. Invest in a high-quality logo and you’ll have an invaluable asset that you can use again and again to foster recognition, credibility, and trust in your industry.

Every logo and branding project with Third Shift starts with a branding workshop

Let’s get together and delve deep into everything about your business, your industry, and your customers, and then build a plan.

  • What are your goals for your business?
  • How do you want your branding to support that?
  • What should your customers and clients think of when they see your logo?

These are all important questions that you need to think about when you’re having a custom logo and branded materials designed for you. Sure, I could design you a logo based on a single page of requirements and then hand it over without any sort of guidance to help you use it, but that won’t help your business to grow.

Unless you happen to be a marketing expert, chances are that you could use a couple of pointers on how to really leverage your branding and push your way into the marketplace with it.

You can just get a logo and some free advice, or you can add on

Easily expand your logo project into a branding package with the following options:

Logo Variants

Get your logo in a few slightly different ways – stacked, long, single colour, or whatever else you might need.

Business Cards

Get a unique business card designed with your logo on it instead of stock layouts and clip art.


Have compelling brochures, post cards or flyers made up to bring business to your door.


Print your correspondence onto pre-branded paper or use fully customized Microsoft Word templates.


Get unique and fully customized PowerPoint templates so that you can easily build your slide decks.

Print Services

If you don’t know where to go to get your materials printed, we can handle it for you.

Are you ready to get a custom logo that will help you stand out from your competitors?