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Responsive website design by Third Shift Digital Services

This client already had a highly complex web app built to take in job applications, but the landing page for the app was confusing and potential employees left without even starting an application. A new landing page was needed that would be engaging, interesting, and easy to use. It also needed to be mobile-friendly and search engine optimized, and to use already-existing code so it could be dynamically generated from a database.

Several potential layouts were explored that were all too traditional and “boring”. We needed something that stood out and was memorable. A graphic-based layout was put together, that had askew lines across all of it – only one line was perfectly horizontal, which created a reference point for all the other lines to be recognized as different. Existing assets from other company web apps and sites were reused to create a unifying visual key. Developers supplied code snippets to integrate into the design which would generate a list of positions available for each category, and link to a partially pre-filled application for that position.

Project Summary

  • Teamwork: coordinating with 2 client-side developers
  • Project length: 6 weeks
  • Project cost: $800
  • Deliverables:
    • Single page web design
    • Photography sourcing & editing
    • Graphic and icon design

The Final Result

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