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Monthly $200
Annual $2400 $2200

You are a busy person, and so are your employees. Or maybe you just don’t have the resources to train someone on how to use new technology to update your site’s content. Whatever the case may be, you need an experienced professional that can handle your content and have it posted on your site when you need it to be. You can write in whatever software you are most comfortable in, send it to Third Shift, and we handle the rest!

Add new blog posts, information pages, and even e-commerce products to your site easily and regularly, without needing a single bit of technical knowledge. Update your existing content when information changes so that your site is always relevant and up to date. Include images and links in your content at no additional cost, and even schedule changes for a specific date.

After you order your content management subscription, you’ll be given access to the Third Shift Client Portal, where you can have direct contact with us and easily upload your files.

What is included with basic content management service

  • Weekly content updates to your site based on what has been uploaded or communicated until then
  • Up to 10 pages and 20 images added to your site per month
    • Your written content will be checked for spelling, punctuation, and formatting
    • Your images will be optimized for website use, which may include resizing or compression
    • Links and images will be inserted according to your instructions
    • Limited text formatting will be preserved, such as colour, bolding, and italics
  • Easy recurring monthly or yearly billing is available

What you need to provide

  • Access to your website’s content management system (such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.), which includes, at minimum, the ability to create, edit, and publish content
  • Completed and ready-to-post content (writing and images) to add to your site
    • “Light-touch” editing will be done on uploaded content to ensure that there are no technical problems such as spelling mistakes, broken links, or oversized images, but the content itself will not be reviewed or altered.
  • Content edits (changing content that is already on the site) can be requested by either uploading the new version as if it were new, or by sending a message describing the changes to make

Additional information

Subscription Period

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Your content management system

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