Premium Web Design Service




Our premium web design service gets you a highly-polished site that will put you at the top of your industry. Don’t ever settle for keeping up with your competitors when you can leave them in the dust instead. Whether you want to build your site into an engaged community, collaborate directly with your clients, or set up a boutique online store with fully functional e-commerce tools, you’ll get what you need. All of the sites designed and built by Third Shift are responsive and mobile-friendly, and customized just for your company and your industry, so you can be sure that your site looks amazing for everyone that finds it.

After you order your web design service, you’ll be given access to the Third Shift Client Portal, where you can have direct contact with us and book your planning workshop.

What you get with premium web design service

  • 8 hours of consultation and planning for your new site conducted over voice or video
    • Spread over 2 or 4 days
    • Discuss your goals for the site, what content is ready to go, and what is still in development
    • Discuss how your site fits into your larger strategy for your business
    • Build a scope and timeline for your site based on your needs and availability
    • Get to know you and your company
    • Get to know your industry and competitors, including what is currently being done well and where there are opportunities to be explored
  • A WordPress site installed to your web host
  • Your domain connected to your new site
  • Up to 5 email addresses created using your domain
  • Customized WordPress theme that uses your logo and your company colours
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Up to 100 pages and 1000 images imported for you
    • Pages edited for spelling, grammar, and valuable search keywords
    • Images optimized for web and metadata entered for keywords
  • Plugins installed that make your site easier to manage
    • Improved visual editor
    • Better file organization
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helpers
    • Protection against spam commenters
  • Your choice of up to 8 additional plugins installed to make your site interactive
    • Contact form
    • Slideshow
    • Drag & drop page designer
    • Mailing list signups
    • On-page chat pop-up
    • Social media share buttons
    • Similar posts recommendations
    • Top posts recommendations
    • Insert ads
    • Lead magnets/bonus content
    • eCommerce product sales
    • Others available by request

What you need to provide before your website can be built

  • Access to your web host’s cPanel or website administration centre
  • Access to your domain registrar’s administration panel
  • An email address to contact you, and to use for WordPress notifications
  • Up to 100 pages of content to import into your site.
    • Provide each page as a separate document, in a basic word processor such as Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc.
    • Product pages are included in this total
    • Your content will be reviewed for spelling and technical grammar, as well as optimized for readability and the use of relevant keywords
    • Edited content will be returned to you or a designated representative for approval before publication
    • Any images or links that you want to be included in your content should be highlighted so they can be easily seen.
  • Up to 1000 images to import into your site.
    • Provide each image as a separate file, in either JPG or PNG format
    • Your images will be optimized for faster loading (scaled and compressed), but will not be otherwise changed or edited
    • Each image will have metadata entered as it is uploaded, including a title and description


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