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Responsive website design from Third Shift Digital Services

A high-end fashion store in Edmonton needed their website revamped to be easier to update, and a slicker, image-heavy style. They had a large selection of marketing images to be used, and the likelihood of more later that would need to be switched out by store staff. Required features included a slideshow and mobile compatibility.

For the slideshow on their front page, they can add, remove or edit any number of promotional images for their most recent products. Each page of the site includes a series of feature images, which are fully automated to scale, crop, and position the images they want to use, without needing to open anything in an image editing program. These features required extensive research to locate existing plugins that included the requested functionality, and still needed a lot of customization in both the Drupal configuration files, and directly in the display code. Once the plugins were fully integrated, though, uploading images into the respective pages was a breeze.

The physical store of this client features a very distinctive black glossy stonework exterior, and so a pattern was created that evoked the same polished stone feeling, and was used as a background element for the whole site. The whole site keeps a desaturated monotone palette, with a refined and high-class look and feel to it. Dozens of supplied brand logos needed to be altered to have consistent colours while maintaining their recognizability and readability.

Key staff at the store were trained on how to update the site on their own schedule so that it can always be up to date with their most recent product arrivals.

Project Summary

  • Platform: Drupal
  • Project length: 3 months
  • Project cost: $2500
  • Deliverables:
    • Custom website design
    • Sourced, tested, implemented plugins
    • Photo & image editing
    • User training