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Modern Web Design for Government Website

Modern Web Design for Government Website

With a website that was nearly 15 years old, the users of government website for the Office of the Ethics Commissioner of Alberta couldn’t find any information easily. Every page had a slightly different layout and menu that had to be updated manually, leaving many pages missing updates that others got. There was no search to speak of, and the layout was optimized for a previous era of internet standards which included screens half the size of today’s. They needed an update.

The new, updated website was optimized for a wider variety of screens, and was built on a highly secure content management system so that the site benefited from regimented templates and user-friendliness that made it much easier for an office of inexperienced web users to maintain and add to the site’s content. Photography was sourced out to liven up the content and add visual interest, and a professional and politically neutral purple and grey palette was developed. Users could access exactly the information they needed without having to search extensively, and could trust that what they did find was up-to-date and reliable.

This project also featured coordination with a talented team of developers specialized in the Umbraco platform and who were able to collaborate with us to build custom plugins and scripts for this client’s site.

  • Fresh and modern web design that even novice users can easily navigate
  • Clear visual organization and menus
  • Imported content from the old site
  • User training for staff so that they can maintain the site content on their own
Technical Startup Website & Brand Development

Technical Startup Website & Brand Development

A technical startup needed to secure the support of investors and other key stakeholders, not to mention potential clients. The project started as just a logo, and once one was developed, the project was expanded to include other supporting materials, including a new website. A local printing company was collaborated with to provide high quality finished products.

A full suite of marketing materials were produced for this technical startup, including templates that could be used by their staff without needing to rely on a full-time graphic designer.

  • Web design that was responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Reusable and flexible web design templates
  • Magazine-style brochures that explained technical concepts and supported investor presentations
  • Business cards with memorable tactile finishes
  • Custom PowerPoint templates for presentation slide decks
  • Custom Microsoft Word templates for quotes, RFPs, and correspondence
  • Style guide for web and print use
  • Infographics and detailed technical charts that could be published online and in documentation
Website & Branded Materials for a Software Development Agency

Website & Branded Materials for a Software Development Agency

A local software development company had great products and a solid team working for many clients, but their marketing materials had fallen behind the rest of the company’s growth and innovation; it needed refreshing and standardization. The corporate web design was using standards from the early 2000’s and only displayed properly on screens with the same resolution as most tablet devices. Over the course of a long-term relationship, Third Shift was able to create, improve, or standardize all of the company’s marketing materials.

  • Corporate web design that was responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Reusable and flexible web design templates
  • Highly targeted landing pages for advertising campaigns
  • Display ads for web marketing
  • Magazine-style and tri-fold brochures that supported sales staff by showcasing important information and work samples
  • Reusable Word templates for direct mail campaigns, invoices, proposals and more, that could be updated by office staff
  • Outdoor signage for the building and street-level 50-foot rotating pylon
  • Custom business cards for executive staff and editable business card templates for other staff
  • Presentations & slide decks for investor meetings
  • Style guides for web and print